Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Viki is a Manga loving fool!!!!!!!

Please welcome newbi Viki Lyn to Obsessions! 

Once I picked up my first yaoi manga I was hooked. 300 plus volumes later, I still love reading them. I swear, this is what got me hooked on writing m/m romance. They are often silly tropes but tried and true…and who doesn’t love ‘best friends fall in love’? ~ Viki Lyn 

I think I might need to open some Manga :)

You can find Viki Lyn Here 

FB and Twitter: VikiLynRomance

New release: REDEMPTIONAn angel who sins may never find love again.


  1. I can recommend some great series! I've read most everything that has been published in the US!

    1. The only Manga I have own and not sure its Manga is when Sherilyn Kenyon did her dark hunter series in that style.

    2. Could you recommend some series? That would be great! Thanks!