Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cerise DeLand is obsessed and passionate about ....

Please welcome back a dear friend Cerise DeLand and another bookmate for the Incomparables.

I have a thing for cook books. Yeah. I use them once...and then never again cuz I'm always inventing my own stuff. I also have this thing about HGTV, re-habing kitchens and give me a great bathroom with heated flooring and rain showers with automatic on-off wave-your hand controls. 

I also really am passionate about Lynne Connolly's obsession with IDRIS ELBA. Can he come over here and just talk to me, baby? Talk to me in that voice that melts potato chips and other bits.~Cerise DeLand

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Coming June 18th for the Waterloo 200th anniversary.


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