Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Annie Anthony's celebrity obsession is ...

Annie Anthony's celebrity obsession is Olivia Wilde.

'Not only is Olivia Wilde a binge for the eyes and a talented, diverse actress, she is a humanitarian who--among other projects--has visited Haiti and Kenya with the Half the Sky organization. Wilde supports the Umoja Women's Village, a women-only community that was founded by 15 Kenyan women who sought refuge from rape in their village. The village is entirely self-sustained. When you want to be entertained and delighted and also know that the celebrity personality has depth and compassion, you can't do better than Olivia Wilde.'

For more information about the Half the Sky organization check out their website

To find out more about Annie Anthony at her website.

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  1. What a lovely woman in every way! Nice pick, Annie!