Friday, March 13, 2015

Afton Locke's Release day Obsession...

Welcome Afton Locke back to the Obsession blog and big congratulation on her new release which is part of the Black Hills Wolves series from Decadent Publishing.
So Afton what is your ultimate obsession?
My other obsession is chocolate! If it's in the house, I will eat it, and I always pack some when I travel. ~Afton Locke

We are hoping that you will treat yourself to a ton of chocolate today you deserve it :)

Check out her book ALPHA IN DISGUISE

When her mother is shot by a rancher, Lara Wolfe becomes the last Dominant of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon pack. Her mother’s dying wish sends her to South Dakota’s Black Hills to find her mate, but Lara would rather continue her mission—saving her pack.
When Ogden Woods, lumber supplier for the Tao pack, offers the newcomer a place to stay, an explosive attraction reveals they’re mates. Afraid of unleashing his inner Dominant and a secret that could get him exiled, he’ll do anything to avoid mating. Although he begs Lara to stay in Los Lobos where she’ll be safe, she can’t turn her back on her pack. As her mate, Ogden is bound to protect her, but following her means risking his home and his very life. Are they willing to pay the price?