Thursday, June 27, 2013

Margie Church tells her who turns her DAYS hot...

Margie is here to tell us about about her crush James Scott.

As a woman who has spent a couple of decades interviewing people, James Scott made me speechless. I thought I was prepared to lay eyes on the British star of Days of Our Lives, but when the moment came, every coherent thought flew out of my mind. I couldn't tell you what I actually said. His smile stopped my heart. When he pointed at me and said, "You're next," I needed oxygen. I managed to get an close up peek at his gorgeous neck and chest. How Ali Sweeney manages to not faint when he kisses her is beyond me. That would be impossible for me.

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  1. He is a hottie and the accent! Wow...

  2. :-( my post didn't post! I wanted to add, Melissa, that James is also a real sweetheart. Definitely not into the Hollywood scene, but damn he's fine.