Friday, June 14, 2013

Jessica E. Subject has a Fresh Prince of a crush...

Him he can sing, he can dance, and man the guy can act...Triple threat thy name is Will Smith and Author Jessica E. Subject can't get enough of him... who am I to argue.


Oh those eyes!!!!!!!

This man has serious Skills :)

To learn about the Romance Sci Fi queen check out Author Jessica E. Subjects Website.


  1. I've been watching Will Smith movies all week. He really is my obsession. And that video is awesome! I really miss watching Fresh Prince. :)

  2. Great obsession, have excellent taste :D Where did it begin for you? With the Fresh Prince, or one of his movies?

    1. Thanks, JoAnne! It was Fresh Prince, all the way. The above video brought back so many memories. LOL

  3. The only thing I don't understand is why Will hasn't ever been People Magazine's sexiest man alive. He has it all - looks, talent and that charming "guy next door" quality.