Friday, December 19, 2014

Cerise Deland is working hard for her obsession.

I am absolutely thrilled to have a lady I am always grateful to consider a friend. Not to mention one of the few women that is an auto-buy any time she releases a new book...Cerise Deland

My biggest obsession at the moment is trying to get my WIP done before Monday! Part of the Wild Wicked Weekend anthology, SAN ANTONIO NIGHTS, I've made a vow to give my newest Navy SEAL and his new honey a glorious resolution by December 22. Hubba, bubba. THEN? I am drooling to get into a new biography (952 pp.!! YES!) of NAPOLEON. I know, I know. I call it research! After having visited Josephine's house Malmaison when I was in Paris in October, I am wild about all things French, Josephine and Napoleon! (Have you visited my blog for pix and details of my 2-week trip to Paris? DO. ~Cerise Deland

Check out his amazing Sexy Regency Box set.

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