Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Holming in on Rhea Rhodan's obsession...

There is only one for Rhea Rhodan.. Robert Downey Jr.

"It's like Robin Williams brought funny to ADD, but RDJ makes it smoke :>)."

And for those of you who can't get enough...
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  1. Don't mind me. I'm just here for RDJ. Now we'll have to fight over him when we meet, Rhea! :D

  2. Oooh, Dom, you found some great photos! And I didn't even know he could sing. I'd be willing to share, June (although not simultaneously). Mostly, I'd just love to sit down to dinner with him. I find him fascinating (I also find Nicholas Cage fascinating, but if I were forced to choose...).

  3. OMG, I totally agree with this obsession!! I find him over the top irrestible as Tony Stark in particular. It's that mix of sharp wit and vulnerability. Plus the bod. And the suit.